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What “Kickin’ Country 92.9 FM is all about:

Our format brings to the Farmville area the only 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Modern Country format serving the Heart of Virginia.

Built from the “ground up” with fully digital recording studios, WVHL has the most modern radio station facility in South Central Virginia.

Our 6,000 watt ERP covers a ten (10) county area including Prince Edward, Buckingham, Cumberland, Powhatan, Amelia, Nottoway, Lunenburg, Charlotte, Appomattox and Campbell county.

“Kickin’ Country’s” programming features today’s top charting Modern Country artists and flavored with the best in Country Gold. WVHL also offers local News, Weather, Sports and information plus ABC Network News & Sports.

WVHL 92.9 FM, “Kickin’ Country,” is radio the way radio was meant to be: fun, exciting and informative!


Reasons to advertise on WVHL 92.9 FM Kicking’ Country

  • News & Information: WVHL, 92.9 FM is the local voice for news, weather, sports and information for Farmville and a 10-County Region for the Heart Of Virginia. People rely on “Kickin’ Country” for local information on a daily basis.
  • Program Appeal: WVHL, 92.9 FM plays modern country music with a mix of country classics. Country is the most popular music format for the Heart Of Virginia. “Kickin’ Country’s” programming targets 25-54 year old adults with this “family friendly” programming.
  • In-Office Listening: WVHL’s country music format is a leader in “high in-office” and “away from home” listening.
  • WVHL is Everywhere: Festivals, Parade appearances. Civic Fundraisers, First Fridays, local High School football and basketball games and Little League Tourneys.
  • Most Cost Effective Way to Advertise: “Radio Gets Results” … Radio delivers more advertising for your money. It’s a fact according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, RAB. For cost effective advertising, advertise on WVHL 92.9 FM, “Kickin’ Country” Farmville.

ABC Sports Report

Sponsorship Opportunities
Monday through Friday at 8:20 AM

For the best in national and local sports, you can’t beat “Richard’s Round-Up Sports Report” on WVHL 92.9 FM, “Kickin’ Country” each weekday morning at 8:20am! It’s a fast-paced Sports Update, behind the scenes look into sports and sports commentary.

What you Receive Each Week: Opening Billboard w/tag, 30-sec ad preceding the “Richard’s Round-Up Sports Report,” and Closing. Package also includes 20 Live/Recorded promos weekly (at no additional investment) mentioning your business as a Sponsor.

Be an “Richard’s Round-Up Sports Report” Sponsor on WVHL 92.9 FM, Kickin’ Country, your Sports Authority!
Sponsorship times are available upon request.


92.9 FM Remote Broadcast Plan

FM Kickin’ Country On-Location:
Personalities at your business means instant credibility and recognition! A solid one-week advance schedule assures the market knows you’re there!

A “Kickin’ Country” Remote delivers all this for you:

  • 2 or 3 hours live from your location (4 breaks each hour).
  • Signage, PA, prizes and food (optional).
  • Heavy live/recorded promo schedule in advance of your remote.
  • Concentrated commercial schedule the week of your remote.
  • 3-Hour Remote: You receive 25 commercials to air the week of your remote. You receive 35 live/recorded promos to promote your remote. 12-2 minute (24 min.) of commercial breaks during remote.
  • 2-Hour Remote: You receive 20 commercials to air the week of your remote. You receive 30 live/recorded promos to promote your remote. 8-2 minute (16 min.) of commercial breaks during remote. Dates are subject to availability.


WVHL 92.9 FM Broadcast Area


Prince Edward23,3437,314350,58736,191
US CensusEstimatedEstimated$ mMedian $

Prince Edward & Cumberland Counties include retail sales in the Town of Farmville United States Census Bureau


WVHL 92.9 FM Transmission Area . .

60 miles plus radius – 6,000 watt ERP:


Counties – Farmville Town Area

Prince Edward, Cumberland and Buckingham


Technical Data for WVHL FM 92.9 MHz

Mickey Jennings – Station Technician

Station Status: Licensed Class A FM
Area of Coverage: 60 + miles approx
Effective Radiated Power: 6,000 watts
Mast Height above average Terrain: 100 meters
Mast Height above Ground Level: 94 meters
Mast Height above Sea Level: 240 meters
Antenna Pattern: non-directional
Transmitter Location: 37° 17′ 6″ N., 78° 29′ 39″ W
Web Site:
Relay Mast
Main Mast
FCC Information